Houses of all sizes with financing you can afford

The American dream, "own your own house". It's a desire that has been instilled in many of us. To simply own the house and the ground we are standing on equals accomplishment and sucess in life. Finding ways to purchase a home has become difficult. For many reasons that range from poor credit all the way to simply finding one that will suit your needs.The task has become daunting, long, and laborious. Feeling the frustration of not being able to get quatilfied for a loan or living in a place that is to small for your family's need makes you a perfect fit for what we offer. 

Suite Liv'n offers a unique opportunity in the housing market. Specializing in rent to own and contract for deed financing, our goal is to get you into the house you need without all the red tape. The dream of owning and providing a home for your family doesn't just have to be a dream any more! 

With lots of options in size and location the perfect home for you could be within reach. Below is a list of current offers and some future opportunities coming soon. Give us a call and allow us to serve you!